Referees Committee ends its ninth meeting with the referees of the professional league


Today, Wednesday, the Referees Committee of the Saudi Football Association concluded its ninth meeting with the referees of the professional league, in the presence of the Chairman of the Committee, Fernando Tresaco, and Director of the Swiss Referees Department, Manuel Navarro, with the participation of 44 referees and assistants.

The meetings lasted for two days, during which they focused on VAR technology by distributing the referees into 10 groups and working on the technology device with simulating realistic cases of matches through intensive exercises. The eleventh round cases were also discussed and several tests in law and video cases were conducted. .

It is noteworthy that the committee decided to hold the meeting on two days to provide an opportunity for all referees to increase training, while the committee will continue to work at the same pace through continuous training on the VAR technique.

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