The Saudi Federation agrees with the international lecturer Ali Al-Tarifi as an advisor to the referees committee


The Saudi Football Association agreed with the Saudi international lecturer Ali bin Ahmed Al-Tarifi to join the main referees committee with the task of advisor to the committee, in order to contribute to the continuity of the arbitration development plans' programs.

Al-Tarifi will join the team of periodic review of cases of VAR technology in order to develop the levels of referees with the Chairman of the Spanish Referees Committee Fernando Tresaco and the Director of the Swiss Department, Manuel Navarro, as well as attend some courses for Saudi referees in cooperation with the UAE Football Association, where Al-Tarifi is the Director of the Referees Department In the UAE federation.

The Saudi Federation also agreed with the Argentine fitness coach Alejo Perez, who will supervise the fitness of all referees by setting up programs and developing fitness coaches in the regions and following up on the referees of the professional league, first degree and second degree, through sports watches specialized in fitness follow-up distributed by the committee On the rulers.

Alejo Perez will provide programs to develop fitness trainers as well as preparing lecturers and trainers specializing in the field of arbitration.

Alejo Perez has a proven track record of supervising World Cup referees since the 2006 edition until the last participation in the "World Cup 2018" in addition to many international tournaments, as well as working as a fitness coach for referees in a number of private associations.

Al-Tarifi also has a lot of experience in the world of arbitration, which he entered in 1988 before obtaining the international badge in 1998, and also participated in the 2002 World Cup and many tournaments before announcing his retirement in 2005, to go to technical and administrative work, where he received a number of administrative positions in a number of National and continental sports federations, including a member of the Strategic Committee for the Development of Arbitration in the AFC, a member of the Asian Referees Committee, Director of the Referees Department of the Jordanian Federation, and Director of the Arbitration Department of the UAE Federation and others.

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